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Concept Of The Timeshare Hoidays :

You’ve probably heard of timeshare, Holiday ownership, or what the various companies involved in the industry decide to call it. Not surprising anymore as it’s a multi-crore business and most people who holiday today have come across it in some form or other with big players involved like Club Mahindra, Country Club, Royal Goan Beach Club, Sterling holidays , Bajaj highland etc in India. They are basically a timeshare industry. Which they ask you to invest in an appreciating resort property, get quality holiday accommodation at varied locations across India and at the same time guarantee future holidays and freeze the cost of them at today’s prices. All seems great but something at the back of your mind stops you !

Lucky you! Is it The 3 Lac upfront joining Fee! The yearly management charges! The uncertainty of your money, and holidays if the Resort goes bad. The possibility of not getting the accommodation you want every year for holidays. The fact that you don’t get chance to let your Advocate go over the agreement. All good questions and the answers don’t make pleasant reading.

In fact our research has shown that:

• If you invest 3 Lacs on a Timeshare today that means an Interest loss of Rs 30,000 per year (10% on FD after Tax) at today’s rates .

• Average Maintenance cost is Rs 8000+ per week owned and increasing yearly.

• Resale is next to impossible- more than 50% of the upfront fees charged are marketing costs.

• If you are lucky you could recover up 20% of your initial investment on resale ( Renting ).

The yearly cost of owning a timeshare is around Rs 50,000 total per year for 1 weeks holiday – if you don’t holiday in a particular year this money is still spent.

The calculation for the above is as follows :-

Rs 30,000 — Fixed Deposit @ 10% (assuming upfront fees of 3 lacs)

Rs 8,000+ – Yearly Management Charge

Rs 7000 – Exchange Fee

Rs 45,000 You can register and book 3 to 4 Holidays with The Timeshare Holidays for this ! There is Good News

Lets revisit our earlier statement. From an individual prospective timeshare holiday concept seems amazing – who wouldn’t want to invest in an appreciating resort property, get quality holiday accommodation at varied locations across India and at the same time guarantee future holidays and freeze the cost of them at today’s prices. As with most people if all of the questions you had asked earlier were answered satisfactorily this holiday concept would be an amazing way of taking holidays in future and you would have no hesitation in using it for your holidays.

Never Fear The Timeshare Holidays is here with a simple Alternative holiday concept that answers all your questions and gives you timeshare holidays of your dreams without the pitfalls. Firstly we (The Timeshare Holidays) say to you.

Keep your 3 lacs in the bank earn the interest,

Don’t join with any individual Resort developer

Don’t pay yearly management charges.

No need for an exchange company,

No need to worry about timeshare resale value of a depreciating asset

No need to worry about renting your week to cover cost of owning the Timeshare

No need for high pressure sales tactics If one resort developer fails there are still many other resorts for you to stay at.

Book whatever accommodation available with us – no cost if booking is not confirmed then only pay part once it get confirm and full after receiving confirmation. Don’t need an advocate it’s a simple agreement – we provide you unlimited quality accommodation in available timeshare resorts in the range of Rs 12000 to 20,000 per week i.e, more than 50% discount on tariff.

Comparison Chart of The Timeshare Holidays

Criteria CM, CC, RSBC,
Sterling, Panoramic Holidays
Rental of CM, CC,
Sterling, Panoramic Holidays Rental
The Timeshare Holidays Membership
Initial Investment Rs 3-8 Lakhs Rs 12000/- Rs 25000/- to Rs 45000/-
Yearly Entitlement 1 week unlimited 1 week
Holiday Cost for 1 week Free Rs 15000/- to 20000/- per week Rs 12000/- to 20000/- per week
Yearly Charges Rs 12000+ to 15000/- + No yearly Charges (limited) Rs 1024/- Activation Fee
Additional Week Rs 25000/- to 30000/- Rs 12000/- to 25000/- Rs 12000/- to 20000/-
Swap to other resorts Same chain only Available Timeshare Resorts No limit All Timeshare Resorts
Resale Value 20 to 30% N/A N/A
Making Booking Booking Well in Advance before 3 months Book what is available Book what is Available
Membership One Resort Club Access all Timeshare Resorts Access to all Timeshare Resorts
Renewal of ownership 10, 25 and 30 years N/A 25 years


No. of Years Registered To (Studio) T1 (1BH)
10 Years Rs 12000/- Rs 20000/-
15 Years Rs 18000/- Rs 30000/-
25 Years Rs 25000/- Rs 45000/-

Register with Timeshare Holidays now and get access to around 250+ CM, CC, RSBC, Sterling, Panoramic Holidays etc resorts across the country at rates in the range of 20 - 50% .


* Benefit is every year 6 Nights 7 Days holidays.
* Book Holidays in 50% of Standard Tarrif.
* Every year Activation charge of Rs 1024/-.
* Full Guarantee in Services.
* 3 days & 2 nights free stay any of the property in India (only with 25 years registration).
STUDIO :- 2 Adults 2 Kids (below 12 years)
1 BR : - 4 Adults 2 Kids (below 12 years)